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Allergen Warning: All products are processed in a facility that also process corn, wheat & soy.

Organic Gold N White Flour

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Gold N White is similar to all-purpose flour in texture, but very nutritious, because it contains the germ.  This is where most of the nutrition is.  It has a creamy white color and makes lovely creamy-white bread.  Our Gold N White flour is stone ground; this system produces a dryer product that extends the shelf life without adding preservatives.  You can use this flour in all recipes that uses all-purpose flour, just know because the germ is left in, it will require either a little more liquid or use ¼ cup less in your standard recipes.

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Strict controls ensure organic quality throughout our product line. Natural Way Mills is certified by GOA (Global Organic Alliance, Inc.) and our growers are certified by a recognized Organic Certification Company. GOA's website is www.goa-online.org. Our products are certified Kosher by Orthodox Union. Their website is OU Kosher


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