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Organic Buckwheat Flour

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Buckwheat  has no relation, whatsoever, to wheat.  It is a plant related to rhubarb. Buckwheat is technically a fruit that is widely considered to be a grain. The dark, pyramid-shaped kernels of the buckwheat plant are harvested, then split and the pale fruit is buckwheat. The whole kernel (with the husk intact) can be ground into flour, which has the dark color in buckwheat pancakes.  In fact, most buckwheat flour is ground with extra husks to give it that deep, dark color.  Buckwheat has long been a staple in Asia and Eastern Europe.  In the United States, we often see buckwheat in pancakes or stuffed into pillows. Clearly, it’s versatile. It’s also supremely nutritious and wonderfully flavorful with a unique nuttiness that other grains do not have.  Buckwheat contains all 8 essential amino acids, to make it a complete protein. It is also high in fiber and delivers a healthy amount of manganese, magnesium, copper and zinc, which all support the immune system. One nice thing about buckwheat is that it cooks in just 10 minutes and can be added to almost anything. It’s incredibly versatile. Try it in salads, soups and pilafs, as well as granola and hot cereal. Buckwheat does have a strong flavor, but don’t let that stop you. That flavor can go with sweet as it can go with savory.

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Strict controls ensure organic quality throughout our product line. Natural Way Mills is certified by GOA (Global Organic Alliance, Inc.) and our growers are certified by a recognized Organic Certification Company. GOA's website is www.goa-online.org. Our products are certified Kosher by Orthodox Union. Their website is OU Kosher


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